Breaking Up is Hard to Do

This almost made me cry. But it is funny and well-written. I don’t think I’ll breakup with Monday yet. I need the extra day for practice.

Erin Brady

Its not you, Monday.  Its me.  Im sure you are a very lovely part of the week, but Im looking for different things from my days.  Lets face it: Weve grown apart.  Ive changed.  Theres just something about you that makes me sad.  You dont bring me as much happiness anymore as the other days.  And dont we all deserve happiness? 

Lets face it: I can always count on Tuesday to get me closer to the weekend.  Wednesday is the hump that puts me over that work hill.  Thursday is filled with memories and throw-back pictures. Friday is just plain fun.  With Friday, I can let down my hair and forget about all that stress of the week.

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    • Enjoy probably isn’t the best word. I loved it. I don’t know why but I felt like I could cry. (Poetry not in motion.) well, I take that back. I do know. I’m still grieving the loss of my health and the inability to work. I loved my job. I took care of computers, software and hardware issues in an academic unit that was a resource center for life sciences at the University of Michigan. I got to rub shoulders with young people who had great expectations and dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, chemical engineers, astronomers. I had a student assistant every term who helped me and teaching them how to do these things was part of my job. I hated interviewing but it was worth it. Two of my assistants work for Microsoft. I wasn’t thrilled with their choice being all about Apple but still, what an accomplishment! Right out of college. Unheard of usually. Anywho. Your post was amazing. How do you come up with these things? That’s rhetorical.


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