How to (Effectively) Show Support

This is an excellent post on providing effective support to authors. The cheat sheet about halfway down the post should be posted on every “Indie” and/or self-published author’s blog, Facebook page and Goodreads author bio. I personally have fond a large majority of the self-published books I’ve read to be outstanding. These authors do not have the backing of a huge publishing company. Word of mouth is an essential part of marketing a book along with book reviews by bloggers and reviews by readers on Amazon, iTunes, and Goodreads.

I can’t write but I can definitely read. Having been ensconced on the sidelines of life (forced on disability via fungal meningitis thanks to the greedy folks at NECC) I’ve read more books in the past couple years than my entire life. So I feel the need to give back in some way. Reading keeps me sane. I am a computer support specialist and sitting around twiddling my thumbs was never a possibility at work which was fine by me. Aging may have resulted in a dash of ADD adding to my already copious list of ailments.

Did I mention tangents are my specialty?

The Daily Dahlia

Here’s something I’ve noticed a lot – people want to help. People have good intentions. People want to show support. But they don’t really know how. They don’t know why something matters, or how to get mileage out of it.

Here’s what else I’ve noticed a lot – people really love to rage. And that’s important; there are issues that require it. And raging does change things.


There is a really big difference between being a person who only rages and a person who both rages and makes a real move for change. And maybe people don’t realize that. Maybe they don’t get how. But I’m tired of seeing raging with no support counterbalance, and I’m tired of people thinking raging is enough without backing it up in a meaningful way. I’m tired of people not realizing how limiting the effects are when all you do is talk…

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