Writer Types

Writers Have A Type?

A tongue-in-cheek discussion of writer types was posted today on a friend’s Facebook page. I think it’s clever and wanted to share it here on my mini-musing blog. There is even a “test” to help writers determine their type. It’s kind of exciting, right? Or write?

The six writer types are:

  1. The Space Cadet
  2. The Greasy Palm
  3. The World Recluse
  4. The Angry Young Man/Woman
  5. The Ray of Sunshine
  6. The Bitter Failure

If I were a writer, I would definitely fit under the Space Cadet category. Alexei Maxim has a fairly long but interesting post on his blog discussing this. It’s more fun than serious or scientific. His blog is linked below.

Six Types of Writers

Or you can see his FaceBook post here:

Alexei Maxim Russell’s FaceBook Post on Writer Types