Hazardous Tales on YouTube by Nathan Hale

Very cool!

Nerdy Book Club

Hello, Nathan Hale here. I’m trying out something completely new today and I’m debuting it here on the Nerdy Book Club blog. This is my first Hazardous Tales YouTube video!

Since starting the Hazardous Tales books, I’ve done a lot of school visiting and public speaking. When I started, I had a PowerPoint slideshow to accompany my presentation. It wasn’t super exciting, but it was all art that I had created, so I was happy with it. I was visiting a school in Maryland, preparing my PowerPoint, when I was told the school had no projector. This was terrifying for two reasons: A) everything I talked about was clued in by the images in the slideshow–they worked as my notes, and B) the school librarian was Newbery-winning author and professional storyteller Laura Amy Schlitz.


I said, “Er, my presentation is really visual, and I sort of NEED a projector of…

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