April Fools’ Day Past

As a computer support specialist there are days when all you can do is shake your head. Typically, company policy prohibits snide remarks and/or eye-rolling. This can actually morph into a medical health crisis. Research has shown repeatedly that squashed emotions (DVM-IV *see link below) can indeed lead to deep emotional scarring and worse.

Therefore, God in His great wisdom determined that Americans (Probably Canadians “celebrate” this day as well. They are such copycatters. They even have a Thanksgiving Day sneakily changing the name of the day as if no one would guess what they were up to.) set aside one day a year when acting out (paybacks) is encouraged. I’m unsure of the exact Biblical chapter and verse (Hey! If shady verse-quoting works for haters of gay people, it works in this instance. You can’t have it both ways.) where this can be located but it’s there. It may be hidden in one of those Bible Code things. Doesn’t matter. I’m all for it.

So, for we IT folks who are regularly ostracized, belittled and stereotyped here is one method of evening the karmic score. Following are the steps required to begin that karmic scoring.

  1. Google “blue screen of death windows” – this says something about the stability and reliability of Windows but that’s for another musing moment.
  2. Set Google search tools to large images. If you can’t figure out how to do that, this musing moment is not intended for you.
  3. Save the image to your computer, tablet, phone. Again, if this brings on questions of “what, where and/or why, forget about it. You need to take Computers 101 at a minimum from your local community ed school before even considering enacting this unique technique.
  4. Copy this lovely picture of “blue screen of death” to the desktop of an unsuspecting Luddite.
  5. Configure this image to be the desktop wallpaper.
  6. Hide any desktop icons via system preferences.
  7. Voilà! The next time the user who has sneeringly referred to you as a hapless geek will eventually require the computer skills of said geek.
  8. Wait for the terrorized screaming to begin.
Blue screen of death

* DVM Codes

Happy April Fools Day!



  1. Okay, explain this to me. Canadians have their own version of Independence Day. Embarrassed to be caught copying American holidays they rename it and have it before one of our most holy days ever. Canada Day. Really? July 2nd? Not only this but the holiday is a day BEFORE our Independence Day. It’s so obviously sibling rivalry at its sneakiest. Canadians in Windsor, Ontario are luckier than most. They get to have Canada Day celebrations and then enjoy the Forth of July festivities just across the river.

    I am hopeful you understand this is all “tongue-in-cheek”. Some of my best friends were Canadians. They really know how to celebrate holidays and even days that aren’t so holy are celegrated madly.


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