The Equation for Nerdy Book Club World Domination

This is a wonderful post about the wonders of being a proponent for reading. Whether one is a teacher or a parent reading must be essential in the lives of every family member.

Nerdy Book Club

You + Books

= Nerdy Book Club

The only requirement to be welcomed into the Nerdy Book Club is that you have to love books. It’s wonderful to be part of a community of book lovers but I challenge you to be more than simply a lover of books. If Nerdy Book Club is going to take over the world, we have to spread the word to readers but also recruit non-readers by helping them see the love they can have for books by knowing books to share with them.

You + Books + Others

= Nerdy Book Club World Domination

As Nerdy Book Club members, I adamantly believe we need to be the best role model for reading for every person we come in contact with. As Nerdy Book Club members, we demonstrate reading with passion, sharing books, discussing books, and recommending books. As Nerdy Book Club members, people…

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