Flashbacks – Good or Not So Good?

Here’s another article by Kristen Lamb on authoring techniques. The more knowledge one has the more likely author and reader will be on the same page.

From Kristen Lamb’s blog post:

“We have been discussing Deep POV, and yesterday I mentioned hating flashbacks with the power of a thousand suns and promised to explain why next post.

Yay! Here we are.

So you want to be a writer. Okay. I’ll be blunt because that’s my superpower. Check your conscience at the door keyboard. Writers are not civilized humans. In fact, we are the opposite. We are the reptilian brain to the power of a million. We probe and prod and poke the weak places.

Great storytellers are nothing short of sadists. We take a perfectly empathetic/likable person, toss their life in a Vita-Mix and blend, churning that mixture from Level 1-1000.

That is called conflict.
Stories are about people with problems to be solved. Everything else is a travel brochure.