Love: Just Because He Breathes

Just Because He Breathes

This is the story of a family broken by the loss of their son through suicide. A death preventable if only we as a society could embrace those different from ourselves understanding life is a gift.

Mom and son

My son is gay. I love him for who he is. His life is a gift of indescribable proportions.

Yet I, too, traveled this bumpy road. I can appreciate all too well the quandary and spiritual wresting as one comes to grips with the fact that one's child is gay. I understand how difficult it is to be raised in an evangelical fundamentalist home with its accompanying rigid belief system. My father was a pastor in the American Baptist Convention which is somewhat less conservative than other Baptist groups. Still the church taught homosexuality is a sin. Based on three or four verses from the Bible – several of which reside near verses commanding the stoning of a woman who commits adultery. Obviously, these religious laws are taken out of context. Yet they are applied and forced upon our present-day society in the belief that every word written in the Bible is to be taken literally.

I hope reading this family's story can help even one person realize that love is truly the answer and to offer it freely and unconditionally to our children each and every day of their lives.