He’s Been Trumped!

Don’t worry too much Trump being elected President of the United States of America. I’ll be astonished if he becomes the Republican nominee. He has some major faults that just can’t be overlooked especially his bigotry. It tickles me that America Ferrara wrote an open letter to Mr. Trump via Huffington Post:

Thank you, Donald Trump!

America Ferrera
America Ferrera

Read the entire article. It’s humorous but mostly astonishing to read how rude and prejudiced Mr. Trump is. He doesn’t even bother to hide it. I don’t get it.



      • It’s amazing how blatantly money-oriented the US is. We measure one’s “worth” in terms of dollars rather than in altruistic qualities of compassion, generosity, civic mindedness, kindness, and service. He’s a caricature of what’s wrong with our nation. Phew! You got me going on my little rant!

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