Book Reviews: Amazon or Goodreads

Books and words

Writing a book review can be daunting for some readers. Add me to the list. In my case, I write reviews only for those books which have truly impacted me.

As a reviewer, whether on Amazon or Goodreads, I want to express my feelings about the book. These are subjective in nature. However, offering objective comments regarding the book and the author are more likely to help other readers decide if this is a book they might be interested in.

A helpful book review might include the following:

  • A short summary
  • An objective description of the the content
  • The author’s purpose for the story and whether this was achieved
  • The reviewers subjective response to the story 

As in most cases these days, Google is your friend. There are innumerable discussions and articles on how to write a book review. Following are links to articles which I found to be most helpful. 



Again, there are countless articles on writing book reviews. If the articles which I’ve listed seem insufficient or too detailed for your needs, just do a search on “book reviews”. Most colleges and universities offer writing tutors and/or writing resources which often have handouts that can be accessed by anyone.