NECC: Killer Pharmacy

Killer Pharmacy: Inside a Medical Mass Murder Case


From Newsweek’s Article

“On September 24, 2010, a seemingly innocuous exchange of business cards during the Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center Association trade show held in Franklin, Tennessee initiated a sequence of events which would lead to “horrific, tortuous deaths of the first victims in a mass killing that trailed from New England to Tennessee, from Michigan to North Carolina.

Ironically, that exchange of business cards occurred nearly two years to the day (September 25, 2012) when I was injected with an epidural steroid contaminated with fungus. Black mold. The kind of mold that requires a thorough cleaning and detoxification should it get into a home due to flooding. I didn’t die, obviously, but my health along with my occupation (which had defined me for nearly 30 years) was stolen from me. Far worse, 64 lives were stolen. Ripped from loved ones due to unimaginable greed and disregard for human life displayed by the actions of NECC (New England Compounding Center).

This was the worst U.S. public health disaster ever according to the CDC. I live in Michigan which is the state hardest hit by fungal meningitis. If this were a natural disaster, our state would have been granted funds to clean up the mess. After nearly three years, victims are still paying the price. Jobs lost, health compromised as well as continued need for medical intervention. Damage caused by fungal meningitis and/or the anti-fungal medication (side effects similar to chemotherapy as well as possible kidney or liver damage) still impact victims.

NECC was the culprit but federal and state regulators, those agencies put in place by government to protect citizens, did not adequately perform their job. Agencies too often overrun by bureaucracy, complacency or lacking the power to enforce regulations.

From Newsweek’s Article:

Despite the scale of the killings and the scope of the investigations, the inside story of the events that led to the lethal outbreak and its discovery is being told for the first time here. Newsweek’s examination of the NECC deaths was pieced together from emails, order forms, investigators’ notes, drug company and court records, and sworn statements of participants, as well as interviews with people connected to the case.”



  1. I to was injected with the fungal tainted epidural steroid injection. I have sent my forms in to claim some funds from the national fungal bankruptcy. I have looked at my disease on paper and it has brought back a very dark time. I still have a daily reminder every day when I take my morning meds. I’m still on antifungals and still suffer the nasty side effects. I see this as are first battle ,the bankruptcy is pennies on the dollar and it’s not close enough to compensate any of us and I hope and pray we can get a strong voice to help us get Reparations and a apology from the Federal government for all the pain and suffering we have and will have for the rest of our lives. REPARATIONS for allowing NECC to stay in business when they know they were unsterile. REPARATIONS for allowing the state board of pharmacy in Massachusetts to allow NECC to run a unsafe compounding pharmacy. REPARATIONS for deregulation of the compounding pharmacies back in the 90s and now putting the regulations back in affect. This admission of guilt is what Reparations is for ! I have to live like his the rest of my life, feet that feel like they will explode, can remember anything short term memory is shot and some days I can’t even walk. Below the waist nothing is working very well, that’s the Arachnoiditus that’s another side effect of the INJECTIONS . REPARATIONS. We have to never forget the 69 who have passed because of the greed and mistakes of the NECC and unfunded FDA. REPARATIONS FOR ALL Victims. RFAV !!

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  2. I think you are in the Facebook group for Fungal Meningitis Survivors. I went through all my medical documentation, too, to verify they hasn’t missed anything. I had 2 near panic attacks (I have PTSD from several earlier traumatic events in my life.) while doing so. It took a week to get through it all. I’m not especial happy with the “compensation” arrangement but NECC filed for bankruptcy which I believe they planned after pulling out most or all of their capital.

    The problem with oversight by regulators is both a state and federal problem. Compounding pharmacies are (or have been) regulated by each state. The FDA has always regulated pharmaceutical companies. There was a bit of overlap but both state and FDA regulators failed those they are intended to protect.

    NECC was running their business as if they were a pharmaceutical company. Making medications in bulk and selling to entities outside Massachusetts was illegal. That is where both Massachusetts and the federal government failed us. The problem with catching them sooner is that the “flew below the radar”. The had doctors fill out individual prescriptions with fake names at first and then doctors figured out they could use the names of their patients to continue to obtain the steroid from NECC.

    These people are scum of the earth. They have no human compassion or concern for the lives of others. It was all about money. I hope they end up with harsh sentences when the federal government tries them next April.

    Last I heard there are 64 deaths. That’s bad enough. But what many people don’t stop to consider is the families, friends, and the community they lived in were impacted negatively as well.

    Just my thoughts on the subject. Doesn’t mean I’m right.


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