A Biblioholic Librocubicularist

Words are of great interest to me. I’m an admitted bookworm and possibly a biblioholic not to mention a librocubicularist.


I’m more apt than not to read while in bed which is referred to (although apparently rarely) as a librocubularist otherwise known as someone who reads in bed. (My excuse for reading in bed is that I am forced to do so. In large part due to a disability preventing me from sitting longer than 30 minutes. To avoid pain I periodically lay down to read in order to give my tailbone region a break.)

Interestingly, there seems to be a bit of controversy regarding the validity of the word, librocubularist, mainly due to its absence in most dictionaries. This hardly seems fair since in the last few decades words one would never expect to be in a dictionary eventually end up being added as a word. An example is the word hopefully. At one time it was considered to be incorrect. One could be hopeful but could never find themselves hopefully anticipatory.

I believe it should be fine to use librocubularist due to the fact that sooner or later if used enough by sufficient people, it will be added to dictionaries. Why not live life on the edge? The bleeding edge which in my case are due to paper cuts.



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