Losing A Friend

A very special Facebook friend has left this world and gone Home. Melody Baker was one of my “Castle Sisters”. She was the glue that initially bound us together. She seemingly knew more about Castle than even the cast and crew of the show. 

A group of 8 women we banded together on Facebook for the purpose of discussing the ABC TV network’s show, Castle. We are all a little over-the-top about the ABC TV show’s ruggedly handsome mystery writer. Oddly enough a TV show brought us together and yet we share so many other things in common as well.  Our group is composed of women from far flung places like Brazil and Pakistan and not-so-far-flung states including Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania and Oregon. An unlikely group of women which at first glance should have little in common. 

 Remembered Joy


Melody was a sweet lady who was truly a go-getter. She was involved in her daughters schooling, music, sports and had her own consulting business. 

Friends and family are what is important in life. All the material things our society covets are not enduring. But the lives of those who will always remain in our memory who have shared the good and bad and laughter and sadness are ultimately what life is all about.




      • Oh. I figured you could tell from my accent. 😉 I live in Michigan near Detroit. If you look on a map of the U.S., it’s the area that looks like a mitten. Do you know what a mitten is? No offense intended but it probably doesn’t get cold there, correct?

        I have a weird sense of humor. Just thought I should throw that out their as a public service announcement.

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      • 😀 Yes, I do know what a mitten is don’t worry! When I was a translator (did that for 10 years) in winter my fingers used to get freezing so I bought mittens and with cut out bits for the tip of my fingers! Or are those gloves? Same difference isn’t it?! 🙂

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  1. I thought of you and hoped you would see the poem. I posted it on Melody’s Facebook page so her family could see it. She was one of the biggest Castle fan ever. She went to various events like Comic Con. My family think I’m OCD about that show but she had it bad for the ruggedly handsome Richard Castle.


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