Package of Perfection

For those of us who have inherited very few creative genes, mental exercises that help improve the likelihood of creative thought are essential. I stumbled (it didnt hurt — much) upon the following blog on Huffington Post by Kathy Nimmer. She offers this as a way to brainstorm a brainstorm.

A Creative Writing Exercise You Should Try

Kathy Nimmer writes:

On a recent visit to Elkhart Community Schools in northern Indiana, I had the pleasure of conducting a writing workshop with students taking English electives at Elkhart Memorial High School. After sharing the story of my writing life with them, I led them through one of my favorite creative writing exercises. Based off of a concept called “packaging” that I encountered probably twenty years ago while skimming a writing text (title unknown) and modified for my classroom, the steps go something like this:

1. Brainstorm every word or phrase you can think have related to a particular topic; we used “winter.”
2. In the brainstorm, be sure to harvest words from various subtopics such as weather, activities, holidays, foods, and the five senses.

You can read the rest of Kathy Nimmer’s post here.