Jennie Crusie’s Basics of Writing Fiction

Jennie Crusie’s blog on “The Basics of Writing Fiction” is an awesome resource freely provided — at no cost. Who does that?

So, here are the basic ingredients of a story — think recipe — with links to Jennie Crusie’s posts on each topic.

Story Ingredients

Most everyone knows a protagonist is one of the main ingredients of a story. Without an antagonist would there even be a story? Jennie Crusie’s discussion on Character and Conflict details how each of these elements build on each other. An explanation of the difference between conflict and trouble is offered to clear murky thinking on the matter.

Which is better? External or internal conflict? Can or should both elements be a part of a story? A specific and concrete goal drives the protagonist and furthers the storyline.


Jennie Crusie will next discuss motivation and identity:

Oct. 12: Motivation and Identity