Nov 5th 2012: Worst Day of My Life: Fungal Meningitis Diagnosis

My life was changed completely after receiving an Epidural Steroid Injection on September 25, 2012. I lost my health and my ability to work as a result of the contaminated steroid. Contaminated with fungus — black mold.


After a month spent going to the Emergency Room 6 or 7 times, I was finally diagnosed with fungal meningitis. I say finally because I was in major pain from head to toe. Apparently fungi spores take a long time to grow so MRIs and lumbar punctures were coming up negative.  


I retained a law firm once I was officially informed that I had fungal meningitis. My son, Justin (An attorney and judge.) located a reputable and aggressive law firm. 


This is what was growing inside my spinal fluid.


 Mold Grows in Patient's Spinal Fluid




NECC closed down in 2012 after it was tied to the outbreak and inspections found serious sterility issues at its Framingham, MA, plant. It filed for bankruptcy protection in December. A bankruptcy judge ordered the owners to keep their hands off about $21 million they received in salary and shareholder distributions in 2012 that were only recently uncovered, Reuters reported. The private company’s largest shareholder,


Carla Conigliaro, extracted nearly $9 million from the company last year. And MSN News quoted court documents that show the owners received more than $70.5 million in payouts over the last 6 years. NECC said much of the money distributed last year was to cover taxes. Right! They needed 70 million for taxes. I sincerely doubt that is an honest explanation.


There was no shame nor concern for the health and lives of the patients who received these contaminated injections. They have a Me-first attitude which explains some of their heinous and despicable actions. Three years later victims of these awful people continue to have health issues that may never be resolved. This sort of thing should never happen. Ever.









    • Yeah. It pretty much sucks. However, I am fortunate. 64 people died and nearly 800 people ended up with fungal meningitis and/or abscesses involving fungus. Some had to have surgeons go in and scrape fungus off the vertebra in their spine.

      Justice will have its day in court beginning April 2016. Fourteen of the owners and staff face federal criminal charges including 2nd degree murder. I hope they aren’t allowed to plea down to a lesser penalty. They deserve to be put away (jailed) to allow them to consider the fact that so many people have had their lives ruined or taken from them.


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