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Should the Church Apologize to the LBGTQ community?

My oldest son is gay.

I suspected he was gay even at an early age. He “came out” to me when he was 15. Even so, I was in denial for a long time. Being raised in the church, there were many, many prayers that God would change my son’s belief. Like many uninformed people, I believed homosexuality was a choice and that God could change this choice if I prayed enough.

Obviously things have changed drastically since then. Major, needed changes have occurred in our society of late. The Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriages has had a huge impact. However, the Church has been left in the dust. “Christians” and conservative churches are disparaging and even hateful in voicing their beliefs on the matter.

John Pavlovitz a “17-year ministry veteran, specializing in trying to live-out the red letters of Jesus” believes the Church should apologize to the LBGTQ community sooner rather than later.

Here is his take on the subject:
Why The Church Should Save Time And Apologize To The LGBTQ Community Now


    • Not sure what either will do for me. I accept that my son is gay. I understand that our society and especially conservative religions are in turmoil over the question of homosexuality.

      Forgive the church? Maybe. Just not today.


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