Love Letter to New York

My oldest son lives in and works as a judge in Brooklyn, NY. He loves NYC for many reasons like being able to walk a block or so to buy just about anything grocery related. The subway is just down the block or so. He doesn’t need a car and all the expense of maintenance and so on. It is an amazing city and if you haven’t visited, put it on your bucket list. You’ll need a huge bucket because there is so much to see and do.

Here’s a “Love Letter to New York” by Erin Brady.

Erin Brady

I was born and raised in the city known as the Big Apple.  Skyscrapers and hot dog stands on every street corner have been part of my landscape since I first learned how to walk.  I have perfected my “don’t mess with me, I’m on my way to somewhere important” look as I walk the sidewalks of Manhattan during rush hour.  I have also perfected my “don’t mess with me, I can be just as crazy as you” look as I ride the subway.  I root for the New York Yankees, live for designer sample sales, wait on long lines for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, complain about everything, can maneuver a busy street filled with people with the finesse of a prima ballerina and flag a cab down with just a wave of a hand.  I talk too fast and use lots of hand gestures.  I dress in…

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