Stories That Change The World #16 – An Important Message for Franklin Graham

A response to Franklin Graham’s “important message for LGBT people”.


Stories have the power to change the world … they inspire us, teach us, connect us.This is the sixteenth installment in the “Stories That Change The World” series.


Yesterday morning Franklin Graham announced he was going to share an important message for LGBT people and today he posted his message. It was full of harmful theology that makes loving mothers keep their lgbt kids as far away from church as possible. Here is “an important message for Franklin Graham.”

Dear Franklin Graham,

I have a private Facebook support group for Christian moms of lgbt kids. The group presently has more than 800 members. The love and support that exists in the community we have together is priceless. The group is not about trying to change our kids or treating them like they are broken because of their sexual orientation. The group is about us helping each other learn to develop and…

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