Electoral College Debate

Our Electoral College system is based on issues that no longer exist. We have 24/7 communication all across the globe. We don’t need to worry that uninformed country bumpkins will elect someone based on lack of information or worse an unqualified person.

Ironically this 2016 election proved that an electoral college system does not prevent an unqualified person to be elected. If we had the ability to elect candidates based on popular vote alone, we would now have the only qualified presidential candidate in this disastrous election as our incoming president. Unfortunately, modifying or eliminating the Electoral College is highly unlikely to be abolished or modified to reflect the vast changes from the days of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution to the present time.

I’ve included a link to an article which discusses why the Framers of the Constitution created the electoral college below.


“Hamilton and the other founders believed that the electors would be able to insure that only a qualified person becomes President. They believed that with the Electoral College no one would be able to manipulate the citizenry. It would act as check on an electorate that might be duped. Hamilton and the other founders did not trust the population to make the right choice. The founders also believed that the Electoral College had the advantage of being a group that met only once and thus could not be manipulated over time by foreign governments or others.”

Another even more disturbing reason for the Electoral College to be created was to allay the fears of Southern slave owners that the Northern states at some point would be able to end “slavery commerce”.  So Thomas Jefferson who was largely the proponent of this modification to the Electoral College was eventually elected president basically on the backs of slaves.

More can be found on the Internet that goes into greater detail about the Electoral College system. As American voters, I believe it behooves us to understand this process which was originally established as part of forming and retaining our elected representatives.  Ignorance is never blissful in my experience. Being ignorant or easily swayed by those who would purposely use and abuse any portion of our Constitution is especially crucial when other governments can intervene during an election cycle. An obvious example is the Russian hacking of Democratic computer systems and having the information leaked through various channels to influence voters. Unfortunately, the  Framers of the Constitution had no ability to foresee the future of computers and instantaneous global communication.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles…

Note: Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. Living with very little sleep over the past week and a half does blunt the brain’s functionality. Future elections will hopefully be less “exciting” one can only hope.