My speech at the March for Truth in St Louis by Sarah Kendzior

Trump’s legacy will be similar to Richard Nixon. Protest marches regarding policies and lack of transparency: “Demand truth. Demand transparency. Demand accountability. Demand justice. Demand the government we deserve!”

Sarah Kendzior

Today I spoke at the March for Truth at St Louis. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Arch and heard me speak and a special thank you to the organizers! Below is a loose transcript of my talk:

It’s great to be talking to you all in St. Louis. Since the election, I’ve been flying around the world giving talks in other countries, but this is my home, this is my favorite place to be, so thank you for turning out.

I’m a journalist who covers US politics, but I also got my PhD at Wash U studying former Soviet authoritarian states. I studied countries like Uzbekistan, a country ruled by an egomaniac dictator who abused executive privilege to enhance his personal wealth, who persecuted anyone who opposed him, who deemed the media his enemy, and who had this fashion designer daughter who kept getting involved in…

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