About Me

A succinct description of who I believe I am.
MacDiva by day; OCD Castle fan by night.

My younger sister and me a few eons ago

I am a mother . . .
. . . of three 30-something “children”. They have all flown the coop. Off to bigger and brighter opportunities than Michigan can offer.

My oldest son lives in Brooklyn, NY, and is a judge. I love to tell him he is judgmental. It’s his job to be so. I’d love a job where I could offer my opinion and no one could disagree. He is gifted with logic and knowledge that can be intimidating at times and I’m his mother. He attended NYU and Brooklyn Law School with very few loans needed due to all the grants and scholarships offered to him.

My younger son is an artist and video animator as well as a video producer. We knew early on that he was gifted as an artist. We did our best to ensure he practiced that gift (just like a gifted musician needs to practice unendingly) and polish that gift so when he offers it to others, they see something profound and magical.

My youngest is gifted in her own way. She was born with cerebral palsy. When she was diagnosed at 9 months of age, the doctors could not offer any idea of what to expect to be her capabilities or any degree of disability. Each person born with cerebral palsy is impacted differently due to the area of brain damage at birth. Fortunately, she is stubborn, determined and pushed herself. She is one or two classes away from her college degree. She advocates for disability rights whenever possible.

Yes, I realize that my children are not who I am. However, I would not be who I am without them. Parenting is a “funny” thing. There are no user manuals given out at the birth of a child. You take the baby home and depend on books, parents and grandparents and other resources to help guide you as you raise them. If they become independent and are solid contributing citizens, you have accomplished much. The rest of who they are is determined by their own choices in life.


Firecrackers and Canadians and the Fourth of July

I was born July 3rd. My Dad used to say I was almost a firecracker. You know. Because of our nation’s Fourth of July anniversary – we overthrew the British.

Ring any bells? Sorry. We had to do it. The tea tax was the last straw. So when we celebrate, people blow off firecrackers and there are fireworks displays all over our country.

Canadians are like the “me-too” cousin. They have a celebration called “Canada Day” on July 1st. Like that’s so original. These are the folks who refused to fight against King George during the Revolutionary War and slunk up north to take cover. And yet they copy our holidays. What is up with that?

I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba for 4 (loonnng and coooollld) months nearly 30 years ago. It was the middle of April but felt like the first of February.

They do talk “funny”. Sentences are punctuated with “eh” and if they are oberly excited, “eh” is uttered almost every other word and their favorite sports? My goodness!

One of their most favorite ever sports is curling which I thought was something women did while fixing their hair. Live and learn. Let me tell you, it is the most boring “sport” I’ve ever watched. Here in southeastern Michigan our shared international border offers Canadian televsion and an opportunity to study the ways of the Canadian. There is always hockey and curling on CBC TV network and endless beer commercials.

In fact, that’s basically a description of a Canadian. They love beer, hockey, beer, curling and more beer.

Yet they are the best neighbors ever. Our crazy government has not even discussed a gigantic fence to keep Canadians out. It might be the beer.



  1. It’s a double edged sword, having children, they’re all unique and not one of them arrives with a user guide. You do the best you can for them and hope they won’t hate you at the end of the day. I’m so proud of both my “children” even though my daughter wants nothing to do with me. She’s 40 and has had nothing to do with me, rejecting every olive branch offered, since she was 23. My son is 17, living in the system but I see him as often as I can, he has come on by leaps and bounds since being diagnosed with autism. I’m really hoping for good things for him, he deserves it after the rejection he felt early on in his life.
    I’m sure all 3 of your children are proud of their mom as much as you’re proud of them. I wish you, and them, peace and love. Here’s hoping they continue to make a difference in their lives.

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    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry about the challenges you’ve faced over the years. Schools are lucky. They hand out a diploma and their work is complete or so they would like everyone to believe. Parenting is never truly over. I remember my 70-something grandmother reprimanding my father who must have been 60-something. It was funny but also illuminating for me.

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  2. You sound like a very proud mum Joy and rightly so. Parenting is never easy and like you say there is no manual to teach the skills. If only.

    I have liked another post on your site, not because I like what happened to you but to let you know I dropped by but couldn’t leave a comment on that particular post. I am truly sorry for you and what you endured at the hands of the “pharma guys”. Absolutely atrocious and making my blood boil.

    I am a survivor of “pharma crime” too but based in the UK…yes it happens here too. Sadly!

    Wishing you all good things in life and hope you find the resolve you deserve.

    Take Good Care Of You And The Family You Are So Rightly Proud Of 🙂

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    • Thank you for your kind words. Parenting is important to me. Even though my kids are on their own it still seems like they are children. I recall my Grandmother chiding my dad about something. I don’t recall what it was about but I do remember thinking Dad was too old to have his mother scold him. Apparently, there’s no age limit on parenting.

      I did not realize (but probably should have) there have been pharmacological “disasters” in other countries. I’ve been too focused on these issues here in the U.S. I’m sorry for your experience and hope you are well.

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      • I hear you Joy…my son is 26 this year and I try to “guide” instead of “scold”. Hard to get right sometimes.

        You and I are not alone in pharma disasters. Sadly there are thousands of us possibly millions. Search http://www.alltrials.net and see what you think of the work some fab peeps are doing to change this situation.

        Take good care of you and yours 🙂


      • Thanks. I will check that website out. I used to work as a computer tech for Warner Lambert which was bought out by Pfizer and I was not impressed with the attitude of some of the big wigs. I remember their pushback when a production site in Peurto Rica was found wanting by the FDA. A lot of grumbling.

        Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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      • You are so welcome and it was lovely to find you and your blog. The attitude of the “BIGWIGS” is astonishing and the crimes they commit to cover their backs, more so. Thank you for checking out AllTrials…I hope it is of some help knowing you are not alone and many are trying to change laws to prevent pharma harm worldwide. Take care.

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