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Shipping Books

Reading is the most economical form of transportation and often educational as well. More often than not (I don’t get out much.) when I read a novel I use Google Earth or Google Maps to learn more about the physical setting for the book. A location is just as much a character in a book as the protagonist and/or antagonist.

One of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson likens books to a form of transportation. And not just any transportation but those one might see doing battle. As if to infer that reading a book will be an adventure or possibly misadventure depending upon the story. Anyway, Emily’s poem follows:

There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away,

Nor any coursers like a page
Of prancing poetry.

This traverse may the poorest take
Without oppress of toll

How frugal is the chariot
That bears a human soul!


A frigate was a medium-sized square-rigged warship of the 18th and 19th centuries.

A courser was a swift and strong horse, frequently used during the Middle Ages as a warhorse. It was ridden by knights and soldiers.

To traverse is to use a zigzag course or courses made by a ship in passing from one place to another.

Excerpt From: Dickinson, Emily. “Poems (Vol. 3).” Bookbyte Digital. iBooks.

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Novelista Girl

One of my favorite authors, Meredith Schorr, has just released her latest novel. I’m not alone in my excitement about Novelista Girl. Schoor has received rave reviews for her previous books and rightly so. They are imbued with witty and engaging characters who are relatable as well as entertaining.

Novelista Girl Cover Image

Romantic comedy just happens to be my favorite “genre”. In fact, research has shown that laughter is indeed a cure for what ails one. Of course, as in real life not everything that occurs is funny which means conflict and mistakes and messy relationships are a part of life for the characters as well.

Here’s a short summary describing what awaits readers of Novelista Girl:

Readers first met sassy Kimberly Long in Blogger Girl, and now the feisty New Yorker is back in a standalone sequel packed with quick wit, friendship, heartache, and, of course, romance.Kim runs the most popular chick lit book blog on the web, loves playing house with her sexy lawyer boyfriend, Nicholas, and is finally pursuing her life-long dream to become a published author. At first glance, her life is five-pink-champagne-flutes worthy.But is there more to the story than meets the eye?”


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A Timely Story of Love and Devotion

Grace Me With Your Presents by Pippa Franks
Grace Me With Your Presents

Grace Me With Your Presents is a heartwarming story full of humor and yet intensely emotional at times.

The impetus for the turbulence in Grace’s life is her daughter leaving home to attend university. Not long after Grace learns her beloved Aunt Jemima has been hospitalized due to a broken hip. Adding insult to injury her aunt is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Eventually it’s decided that Grace is best able to drop everything to provide support while her aunt recovers. However, this means leaving her husband in London to attend to her aunt’s needs.

The citizens of Eskton amaze Grace when they eagerly sign on to fix up her aunt’s home which has begun to tumble down around her aunt. That’s the positive side of life in a small town. The less than helpful and more often than not annoying aspect is having everyone in town up in her business.

The people she encounters have some challenges of their own. It seems amusing at first to consider a vicar with an obvious alcohol problem. Upon learning why, it becomes understandable and yet unfortunate that he believes secrecy is the answer.

A farmer, George, is a closet cross dresser. His closet conceals the trappings and secret of who he is in total.

The secret that Grace has held close to her heart for many years eventually is revealed and what a secret it is! How can she be open and honest with family and friends all the while keeping this secret closeted from others?

I laughed with Grace. I cried with Grace. I yearned with Grace to have her greatest wish come true.

To learn more about the author you can find her on Facebook, her blog at or her Amazon author page.