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Welcome to the Authoritarian Kleptocracy, Part VIII

Sarah Kendzior

My latest articles and interviews, on Trump, Russia, North Korea, Syria, and more:

Globe and Mail: Trump craves praise. We praise him for bombings. What could possibly go wrong? (4/13/17)
De Correspondent: Why Trump’s ties to Russia would be bigger than Watergate (3/30/17)

Shareblue, “Dictator expert warns: Trump has been obsessed with nuclear weapons since 1984” (4/17/17)
Raw Story, “North Korea threat risks triggering Trump’s 30-year ‘obsession’ with using nukes: authoritarian regime expert” (link to full clip of AM Joy appearance inside) (4/16/17)
AM Joy, MSNBC, discussed Trump and nukes (4/16/17)
Rewire, The Breach, “In the Shadow of Putin with Sarah Kendzior” (4/10/17)
Rick Smith Show, “Sarah Kendzior on not buying Trump’s baby epiphany” (4/10/17)
Politics and Polls, Princeton University, “Unraveling the Trump Russia Saga” (4/6/17)
Rick Smith Show, interview on Russia with Andrea Chalupa (3/29/17)

I somehow would up agreeing to give seven talks…

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Carter Page Went to Moscow With a Tape of Donald Trump Offering Treason For Hacking

As participant of The Resistance (citizens against Trump) this blog has a great deal of information related to Trump’s “shenanigans” before and after the 2016 election.


Sources with links to the intelligence community say it is believed that Carter Page went to Moscow in early July carrying with him a pre-recorded tape of Donald Trump offering to change American policy if he were to be elected, to make it more favorable to Putin. In exchange, Page was authorized directly by Trump to request the help of the Russian government in hacking the election.

On November 7th I reported that the FBI had been granted a FISA warrant to investigate the activities of two Russian banks, Alfa Bank and Silicoln Valley Bank. I also reported that an earlier attempt to obtain a FISA warrant, in June, had failed in the court because it named Donald Trump himself and three of his associates. In an exclusive at Patribotics, I reported that these named associates were Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Boris Epshteyn.

Sources close to the intelligence community now report that…

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An Armada of Icebergs Has Just Invaded The North Atlantic

An armada of icebergs is no laughing matter. In fact, “…it’s starting to become clear that we’ve probably already started to release this particular ‘climate monster in the closet’ on an unsuspecting and ill-informed world.”


“I have about a decade of experience with the Ice Patrol, and in my time here, and talking with people who have been here longer, I’ve never seen anything like this or heard of anything like this before,” — Gabrielle McGrath Coast Guard Commander of the US Ice Patrol.

“A Heinrich event is a phenomenon in which large armadas of icebergs break off from glaciers and traverse the North Atlantic.” — Commons

“Consider the situation during past ice sheet disintegrations. In melt-water pulse 1A, about 14,000 years ago, sea level rose about 20 meters in approximately 400 years (Kienast et al., 2003). That is an average of 1 meter of sea level rise every 20 years.” — Dr. James Hansen


This week an unprecedented 481 icebergs swarmed into the shipping lanes of a storm-tossed North Atlantic. Strong hurricane force winds had ripped these bergs from their sea…

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The Test


I can wade grief,
Whole pools of it,
I’m used to that.
But the least push of joy
Breaks up my feet,
And I tip – drunken.
Let no pebble smile,
‘T was the new liquor,
That was all!

Power is only pain,
Stranded, through discipline,
Till weights will hang.
Give balm to giants,
And they’ll wilt, like men.
Give Himmaleh, –
They ‘ll carry him!

Emily Dickinson, Poems: Series 2, Poem 9, The Test

A fairly helpful discussion/analysis can be found here:

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Alfa Bank, Trump Tower and a Social Media Impeachment

Some things require more than minimal musings. In this case there is nothing amusing at all. There has rarely been anything more shocking and awful than the events leading up to the 2016 election boondoggle. Learning how this was accomplished is essential as citizen of the USA especially considering the right to vote is sacred.


Here is my theory of how Donald Trump will be impeached, and scores of people around him jailed.

It wasn’t just money laundering – it was “data laundering”.

My theory is based on public reporting, to which I will link in the text. Here it is:

Alfa Bank is a front for Russian intelligence. Along with Dimitry Firtash, a Russian agent of influence, it owns Cambridge Analytica, the data targeting company used by Trump’s campaign. It also owns SCL, the propaganda company responsible for what has been termed “fake news” but was actually real propaganda co-ordinated by Russian intelligence.

Cambridge Analytica and SCL use Facebook data they had no right to acquire, illegally stolen by a Russian spy working at Cambridge, to build an unbeatable target database of propaganda.

In the closing days of the election, the Russian state hacked into the voter rolls of the United States. Russian intelligence did this…

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Boris Epshteyn Named in July FISA Application; Did Nunes Obstruct Justice?

This subject requires far more musing than minimal. I rarely refer to politics on the blog because often there’s far too little objectivity on the subject. Mine nor anyone for that matter.

However, recent developments over the course of the first “100 days” of the current administration at the helm of our government requires more than a passing reference. The link below is a blog discussing two of a multitude of subjects related to the nightmare-like actions of the current administration. Both executive and legislative branches of our government are headed by fools (or tools) with seemingly little concern for the survival of our country or democracy.

Source: Boris Epshteyn Named in July FISA Application; Did Nunes Obstruct Justice?