Deep Point of View Part 2 by Kristen Lamb

More on Point of View in writing by a true expert on authoring, Kristen Lamb
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Excerpt from Part 2:
“Last time we talked about the history and evolution of POV (Point of View) and why certain types of POV might not be the best choice for a modern reader. We also talked about what is often called “deep POV” which, until I looked it up one day? I thought was just tight writing. Who knew it had a name?

“Today we’re going to dive deeper into deep POV.
“Wow, deep.”

Yes, there are style changes we can make, like removing as many tags as we can and ditching extraneous sensing and thinking words. But deep POV is strongly tethered to characterization. Good characterization. Before we get to that, let’s talk about what we often do when we’re new.”
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